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Make hay whilst the sun shines (literally)

April 4, 2023

Summer is the perfect time for Pimms, shorts and late, light nights. But we know – being the masters of photography and videography that we are – that summer is the optimum time for you to get the most out of your property and lifestyle shoots. While we all look better in shorts, it’s truer that your development will undoubtedly look better in summertime.

Natural lighting

Although photoshop has taught us that images and videos can be altered and manipulated, there is a truth in the saying that natural is best. Images and videos shot on brighter days often look cleaner, perfectly lit and quite frankly, a lot more positive and appealing to those consuming. The less we have do in regards to artificially lighting and editing images and videos, means a quicker turnaround on your finished products.

We’re all playing out (even the leaves)

Trying to sell a development in a bustling, metropolitan hub of activity in Baltic February conditions can prove to be a bit of a prickly pear. When the weather is grey and drizzly, and everyone is snug and cosy inside (or outside but hidden in scarves and duvet-like jackets) it can be difficult to see the appeal. By shooting in the summer, you’re guaranteed busier pub gardens, more people out and about enjoying the area you want to shoot, and shots of people doing all sorts of fanciful activities you won’t see them doing in the depths of winter. Trust us, it’s hard to get shots of people playing golf or boating in January.

Oh…and did we mention beer gardens?

Even the trees want to be part of the action. It’s a no-brainer that summer’s leafy lushness trumps winter’s bare branched stickiness every day of the week when it comes to aesthetics. So, it’s probably time to get snapping.

Longer days

Longer days and shorter nights are not only one of the major mood-boosters of the summer – for our photographers and videographers the window of shooting time dramatically increases. No more are we pigeonholed into the few, barely lit hours of the winter day – but instead we have up to 8 sunlit hours to play with.

Sunrise and sunset images, as well as drone shoots all capture beautifully in the summertime due to the respective hazy glows and lack of weather interruptions. It really is a perfect time to shoot for both us and you.

As we all know, the British summertime is fleeting, and the sun doesn’t stick around for long. Make sure to contact us soon to secure a shoot. In the meantime, check out our collection of stunning photographs and videos by clicking the links.

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