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Eco-Innovation at the London Festival of Architecture: Tidywork Studio's Commitment to Visualising Sustainable Design

March 6, 2024
Greenery embraces urban living: a balcony lush with plant life, embodying sustainable living and biophilic design, seamlessly integrates nature into the heart of the city.

We're gearing up for the London Festival of Architecture in June. Our mission? To shine a spotlight on how UK architecture is progressing into a greener future.

At our studio, we're all about turning the ideals of sustainable architecture, green building, and those eco-friendly materials that everyone keeps banging on about, into something you can actually see and feel—without having to hug a tree. #nojudgement. We're keen on crafting digital experiences that not only drop jaws but also gently nudge the built environment into being a bit more considerate of our planet, both here and in places that are, well, not here.

Sustainable Design & CGI Visualisations

Our visualisations breathe life into the concepts of nature-inspired design and net-zero buildings, employing energy-efficient systems and renewable energy sources to craft CGI images and virtual tours that embody the principles of climate-responsive architecture.

Through our work, we emphasise the integration of green roofs, living walls, and the use of eco-friendly building materials, making these sustainable practices both visible and tangible to consumers.

Below image: A photo-montage CGI for Stone Studios in Hackney Wick, a project with J2 & Telford Homes. The image showcases an eco-friendly green roof, exemplifying sustainable architecture by integrating lush vegetation atop urban structures.

Eco-Conscious Material Representation

We meticulously detail the use of eco-friendly building materials in our CGI, highlighting how sustainable practices can be integrated into modern design. Our visualisations offer a clear representation of how renewable materials not only contribute to the aesthetics of a building but also its functionality and environmental footprint.

We infuse our virtual tours and videos with interactive tags, transforming them into an engaging mission to uncover sustainable features. Like an eco-friendly scavenger hunt, where each click offers a revelation into the world of green design.

These tags serve as your digital magnifying glass, bringing into focus how eco-friendly materials fuse form with function, enhancing both the beauty and the environmental integrity of a project.

Energy Efficiency Through Visual Storytelling

We make exploring energy-efficient systems a tad more engaging with interactive applications, almost like giving clients a joystick for a virtual eco-friendly tour. (flight-sim geek circa 1999 talking) - This approach clarifies how sustainable technologies not only do a solid for Earth but also add vibrancy to the buildings and subsequent marketing CGIs.

Featured below is a computer-generated aerial view of the Excalibur project, in collaboration with L&Q. This illustration highlights the incorporation of green roofs, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable design by blending vibrant greenery with urban buildings.

Visualising Renewable Energy Integration

We bring to life the integration of renewable energy in architecture, demonstrating through our visualisations how solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable sources can be seamlessly incorporated into the design and function of buildings, contributing to the creation of energy-efficient and self-sustaining environments.

GIF Reference: Our interactive system at Hollymead Sq for Hill, with solar panels glistening!

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Climate-Responsive Architecture

Our work is able to promote the principles of climate-responsive architecture, using visualisations and interactive elements to demonstrate how buildings can adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change. Through our CGI work, we have the ability to illustrate how architectural design can be both responsive to and respectful of the environment.

‍Our Studio not only supports the architectural industry but bridges the vision with the viable, turning the principles of sustainable architecture into compelling digital imagery.

Each pixel and virtual space we create has the ability to promote a greener, more sustainable architectural future, and we're looking forward to exploring this topic more at the London Festival of Architecture. (follow for updates...!)

If you have an eco-focused development you would like us to visualise, please get in touch.

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