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Property Video Production

Under our videography umbrella lies a range of content. Whether it be property videos, development and lifestyle area films, or 14-month construction time-lapses – we can provide it. Our team of professionals have a wealth of experience in both film and TV, and are able to shoot in ultra-high definition (4K) should you desire.

Lifestyle Area Films   |   Aerial Films   |   Showhome Tours   |   Corporate   |   Promotional   |   Construction Time-lapses and Completions

Show home Tours

Our show home tours take potential buyers on a tour of a property. Shot in exquisite detail, our videos capture the space, design and specification of your show home. Proud of the outside as well as the inside of your property? We can also provide aerials to showcase the surrounding area before the camera has even stepped inside the property.

Lifestyle Area Films

Buying a property is more than just the bricks and mortar. When buying, most customers want insight into the location and lifestyle of the area. Our lifestyle promotional films are the perfect way to show off hotspots and appeal of the surrounding area, perfectly presenting what each community has to offer

Drone Films

Shot from the air, our aerial films give potential buyers the ability to see their future property from a unique angle. This is a truly magnificent way to capture impressive exteriors, landscapes and views, allowing customers to see the bigger picture of the property. In addition, should you wish to see a progress film of your development from it's levelled and bare beginnings to its fully-built glory, we will use our drones on-site at regular intervals to document an impressive transition film. Just make sure you instruct us before the bricklayers get to work!

Corporate and Promotional

Because our range of camera, lighting and audio equipment is of leading industry standard, we can guarantee any video shot by the Tidywork crew will be of high production value. Versatility is one of the beauties of our videography service. We can supply a host of videos from informative case studies to promotional adverts (and everything in-between). In regards to our videos, we do not solely cater to the property sector, and have had the pleasure of providing content to a range of industries from education to charitable organisations.

Construction Time-lapses and Completions

Documenting the construction of a development can sometimes be as rewarding as revelling in the finished product. Our time-lapse cameras capture long-term construction projects. Come rain, sleet or shine this unique method of video will continue to operate for the duration of any project, capturing those key moments of the build. And trust us – it’s immensely satisfying to watch it back once the development is finished.

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