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Satisfying Sliders. The Art of Virtual Staging Sliders

March 20, 2024

I've worked hard with the team to establish our studio as a trusted partner for numerous key housing associations, going knee-deep into various framework applications which have proved to be vastly successful.

In response to the evolving demands of the market, we've honed our services to offer both high-quality marketing imagery and immersive VR experiences at a value that supports cost saving exercises so vital to property marketing in today's climate.

Through constructive feedback, we've fine-tuned our offerings, ensuring that our partnerships are not just defined by our final product but are opportunities for growth and learning.

Our focus on cost efficiency is factored into every aspect of our work, reflecting our commitment to providing affordable yet impactful marketing solutions.

Advancing Virtual Staging Solutions

Our virtual staging solutions vary from basic digital furnishings to comprehensive, immersive VR experiences that captivate spaces. By employing advanced CGI techniques and leveraging the latest in virtual reality, we're able to transform empty spaces into vibrant homes that tell a story - whether it's toys on the floor of a kid's bedroom, or a bottle of wine and 2 glasses on the living room table (yes, please).

This not only enhances the visual appeal of listings but also allows housing associations and developers to showcase the potential lifestyle each property offers, making each listing an invitation to a potential future home.

Our Virtually Staged Tours

The integration of virtually staged tours into development microsites and property portals stands out as a game-changer. Our focus has been on creating visually captivating virtual staging that not only showcases properties in their best light but also seamlessly integrates into various digital platforms. This approach offers an immersive glimpse into the potential lifestyle each property offers.

We'll provide the high-quality virtual tours in various formats, with a focus on embedding in development microsites and property portals (Rightmove, Zoopla, Share to Buy, etc.) enhancing the interactivity and engagement of each listing. This method allows potential tenants and buyers to explore and connect with properties on a deeper level, even before stepping foot on the premises. The result is a more engaging, informative, and memorable browsing experience that sets our clients apart in a competitive digital marketplace.

Our commitment to elevating the online presence of property listings through virtual staging and integration reflects our understanding of the modern consumer's journey, making it more memorable for the users engaging with the tech.

The inclusion of interactive features in virtual staging, such as the ability to toggle furniture on and off, significantly enhances the flexibility and user engagement of our virtual tours. This innovative feature allows potential tenants and buyers to personalise their viewing experience by experimenting with different furnishing options, providing them with a unique opportunity to envision the space according to their preferences and needs.

Maximising Value with Virtual Staging

We're not just focused on the way we present property through virtual staging; we're also committed to cost efficiency. Understanding the budget constraints that often accompany housing association property marketing, we've structured our services to provide significant value.

Our approach includes offering discounts for bulk photography sessions conducted on the same day, allowing for substantial savings when capturing numerous properties. This efficiency not only reduces the overall cost but also maximises the use of resources, making professional, high-quality virtual staging more accessible.

We also factor in multi-order discounts on our virtually staged images, which are already priced competitively compared to traditional CGI imagery. This pricing strategy ensures that clients can benefit from top-tier visuals without the need to instruct us on the more labour-intensive traditional CGI methods (better suited to off-plan developments).

By focusing on cost-effective solutions, we aim to make virtual staging a viable option for every marketing budget, helping housing associations & developers elevate their online listings while adhering to budgetary considerations.

If you would like to find out more of book us in for virtual staging, please do reach out here

and for everything else, there's Mastercard.

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