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Our bespoke marketing suite companion that provides customers with a fully interactive 3D tour and overview of any development.

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“A marketing suite’s new must have accessory.”
It goes without saying, we are proud to present our very own bespoke interactive touchscreen application. This custom-built app literally puts property at the fingertips of potential buyers. Typically installed on a large touchscreen in marketing suites, this user-friendly app allows prospective buyers to explore plots and developments all at the touch of a button. While customers are treated to an immersive experience, our clients can reap the benefits of higher conversion rate of sales as a result, as testified by our clients using TidySpace in marketing suites.

Everyone’s a winner.

Plot Search & availability

Sort and filter plots using the refine search feature
Availability of plots updated in realtime
Fly down to selected plots
View property stats/ information

Cut and slice floor viewer

View the layout of each individual floor
Reveal 3D or 2D furniture layout
360° rotational view around the property
View the garden patio space from above

Favouriting system

Interactive 'Like' feature available on all available plots
Favouriting possible in 3 way across the app
View all liked properties in a simple list format

VR Tours

Street view tours and interior tours can be seamlessly integrated within the visualiser through using innovative technology that literally places you in the development.

Development Flythroughs

Another addition to the TidySpace product is the incorporation of our stunning fly-throughs. Buyers are given a tour of the development in minutes as they glide through the streets. Flythrough animations can also be used as a screensaver for the visualiser.

Details and Specs

List specification details or show them with a section that is dedicated to showing off the internal finishes and design. A wealth of information at the click of a button, combined with the immersive experience is a great way to encourage off-plan sales.

Image Galleries

Show off how stunning the development really is with an image gallery. Include large selections of CGI and photography images to showcase what you are selling.

TidySpace has completely
enhanced our customer journey
Marketing Manager | L&Q

Frequently Ask Questions

What platforms does it run on?

TidySpace is displayed on a highly responsive touchscreen TV that is powered by an advanced computer module

Do Tidywork supply the required hardware?

Absolutely, we provide full hardware packages and free installation so you don't have to lift a finger...unless of course you're using the app.

Does it require an internet connection?

Although the touchscreen visualiser itself will operate offline, it does require a stable internet connection in order for the app to display live availability.

Is this the only touchscreen solution available?

TidySpace is bespoke and customisable however we also offer TidySpace Lite, which is a VR street view solution that also displays interior tours, galleries and live plot availability.

Does it display live data?

Yes, TidySpace displays live plot availability and specification data and will automatically update when changes are made.

How long will it take to create my TidySpace product?

TidySpace is a bespoke product so the exact lead time to produce the app will vary from project to project however the touchscreen visualiser can typically be turned around in as little as 1 month if we have all of the content required to populate the app.

Does it have to be fixed to a wall?

The TidySpace touchscreen visualiser is typically fixed to the wall of the marketing suite however it can also be fixed to a plinth/stand or any secure fixture with a power supply.

Do I have to have all of the features?

No, TidySpace is a bespoke product so therefore you can pick and choose which features you would us to include.

TidySpace Platforms

Bespoke Branding Options

Match your developments branding.

Cutting edge 3D interface

Stunning 3D navigation running on a modern gaming engine.
Powered by Unreal Engine
Browser Interface

360° Street View

View street level views of the development.
Access property details as you 'walk' the development.

360° Interior Tours

Fully integrated interior 3D tours.

Suitable for Marketing Suites

Support your marketing team.
Requires touchscreen hardware install.
Fully responsive - Runs in all modern browsers.

Cut and Slice Floorplan Viewer

Intuitively view floorplans.
2D/3D Floorplans integrated as standard.

Filter and Favourite

Allow buyers to specify requirements.

Lead Generation Tools

Collect valuable marketing data.
Bespoke option available.
Embed your own forms from a variety of CRM platforms.

Browser Access

Can be accessed globally.
Requires specialist hardware suitable for marketing suites.
Access from any browser.

Availability Data

Share the correct information with your buyers.
Sales teams can update via a simple CMS.

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Harrison Smith

Whether you just have some questions or would like us to walk you through some of our solutions on-screen we're here to help. Let us know a little bit about you and we'll be in touch to arrange a call.

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