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We've had a makeover

March 4, 2024
Website Re-Design Re-brand Design

Website Launch

For the eagle-eyed who are familiar with the Tidywork website and branding you might be noticing some changes around here. And for those who may be new here – welcome – and in the immortal words of Willy Wonka ‘take a look, and you’ll see into your imagination’…and so on and so forth. We do hope we haven’t lost you with that unashamed cliché reference.

Here at Tidywork, we’ve been working hard these last few months on a complete website redesign, embracing and harnessing our creative and innovative excellence to showcase our products and services, and create a more fluid and accessible site for our clients. The makeover came after we took a step back and reflected on how we could improve the user experience of our website, and here are our top 3 areas we have optimised for your enjoyment and ease.

Colour & Branding

Monochrome never goes out of style – which is why for so long our signature branding was a sleek black and white design. But as a creative studio, (and one that prides themselves on their artistic and vibrant flair), it occurred to us that perhaps a splash of colour should really be on the menu. We wanted our site to reflect the exciting projects we work on and be befitting of the innovative products we sell.

So out with the greyscale, and in with pops of colour to mirror what we like to think of as the compelling aspect of our brand. Fun fact: Our brief to our web developer specified our want for fluidity – and so the aqua colour palette was integrated throughout our website.

Easier Navigation & Customer Journey

Did you know the loss of potential clients often happens around 20 seconds into being on a website? It’s not always the use of Comic Sans that puts people off, but poor navigation can really break a possible deal. While we believe our sites have always been built with the customer in mind, our reflection and site overhaul plans meant we really had the time to perfect the customer journey.

Our new website means clients can navigate and find the services they need better than ever before. A personal favourite of ours is the new ‘services grid’ where potential clients can skim the checkbox grid to find out which services or products would be best suited to them. Give it a try to see how simple finding your service can be.

Showcasing Our Work

One thing we have been guilty of in the past is not showing off the impressive, high-quality work we are proud to have produced. Upon reflection, we realised that potential clients want to see signed, sealed and delivered projects before they entrust us with their beloved ventures.

We will now be dedicating more time to creating case studies, blog posts and competitions to really give our products the clout and exposure they deserve. You might also notice our remarkable CGIs, videos and flythroughs seamlessly integrated on the pages throughout our site. Well, when you’re proud of something, why not show it off?

So please, take a good look around, enjoy the content we work so hard to produce, and drop us a line to let us know how we can help.

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